Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 1735

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Chapter 1735

1735 Strike Me, Strike Me, Strike Me! (1)

In the chaos!

Three universe-stage martial warriors were speeding in the chaos. They felt the turbulence ahead and were surprised.

“What’s going on?”

“Did someone get surrounded by the Chaotic Beasts?”

“Come, let’s take a look!”

The three of them discussed using voice transmission for some time and unanimously decided to go and take a look. If it was a martial warrior from the academy, they might be able to help him.

This was an unspoken rule in the Chaotic Uncharted.

In a situation where there was no conflict, they would naturally help if they could.

That way, when they were in danger in the future, other people would help them too.

Helping others was equivalent to helping themselves!

Being fellow students of the Seventh Stellar Academy, there was already a sense of camaraderie. Unless they were enemies, they could be considered friends.

What’s more, everyone possessed strong talents. Having more friends would mean more benefits in the future.

Of course, the prerequisite was that no one would put themselves in danger to save others.

If it was an enemy, then it was all the more reason to take a look.

Wouldn’t it be even better to kick someone while they are down?

Although they were all students of the academy, when it comes to enemies, there was no need to be scrupulous.

Besides, they might be able to gain some advantages by doing so.

Outside the peculiar void.

Powerful universe-stage Chaotic Beasts swarmed over from all directions. Elizabeth, Little White, and Lightning Spirit tried their best to resist.

They were already surrounded by the Chaotic Beasts. However, to prevent them from disturbing Wang Teng’s breakthrough, they could only desperately obstruct the beasts, even if it meant getting injured themselves.

Elizabeth had already sustained numerous wounds, with blood flowing from her injuries. She looked quite miserable.

Her face was extremely pale, revealing signs of weakness. However, she continued to hold on.

Little White was injured too. Many Blood Crow Clones were destroyed, and even the original body was covered in scattered feathers and blood. The dark red steel-like wings now looked tattered.

The glow around the Lightning Spirit was much weaker now. Continuous outbursts depleted its energy significantly. It lost its previous playful and lively demeanor, appearing worn out.

“Master, are you done?” Elizabeth turned and glanced at Wang Teng anxiously.

He was still sitting cross-legged on the small celestial body with his eyes closed. He hadn’t completed his breakthrough.

She could only feel Wang Teng’s aura rising continuously. It was getting stronger and stronger. The process was still ongoing.

The three martial warriors quickly reached this area. They were astounded when they saw the scene in front of them.

“This is…”

Despite the presence of numerous Chaotic Beasts in the area, their attention was immediately drawn to that peculiar void.

The three of them were astounded.

“What a magical place!”

“We came too late. I didn’t expect to find such a place here. It’s perfect for us to comprehend our laws of origin.”

“Look, there’s someone there!”

“It’s a student from the Seventh Stellar Academy. He looks very young and unfamiliar. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Based on his aura, he’s breaking through. He looks like a heaven-stage martial warrior.”

“His aura is terrifying. This person’s talent must be extraordinary.”

Even though Wang Teng had not yet fully completed his breakthrough, the energy fluctuations exuding out of his body were extremely astonishing.

Thus, the three of them felt that Wang Teng’s aura exceeded that of a normal cosmos-stage martial warrior so he must be at the heaven stage!

“That dark red crow is very powerful. It’s at the mid-tier imperial level but it’s able to fight with universe-stage Chaotic Beasts. Its strength is no weaker than some of the cubs of some Universe Behemoths!”

“And that… hmm, what’s that thing? It looks a bit like a queen ant but with dragon horns on its head. And what’s with that half-humanoid figure? Has it undergone some kind of mutation?”

The three martial warrior’s attention was drawn to Little White and Elizabeth. The astonishment in their eyes didn’t diminish but grew even stronger instead.

Little White’s appearance was still relatively normal, but Elizabeth’s appearance was indeed somewhat peculiar. Even these experienced universe-stage martial warriors were perplexed.

They felt that they saw something strange!

They were even more astounded when they noticed that the fluctuations coming from Elizabeth were at the universe stage.

This was a universe stage presence!

And it appeared to be protecting the human martial warrior, fending off the surrounding Chaotic Beasts on his behalf.

Was this the other party’s… pet?

Similarly, Little White’s also left the three individuals secretly astonished. Countless avian star beasts flashed through their minds as they speculated Little White’s origin but none of them seemed to resemble this blood crow.

This dark red crow was a little… unique!

It wasn’t that their knowledge was lacking. It was clear that this crow was uncommon.

Also, among all the universe behemoths they knew, there was no crow like this.

For a moment, all three of them were puzzled.

“Huh? Is there another bolt of lightning there?” Suddenly, one of the martial warriors saw the Lightning Spirit flickering among the Chaotic Beasts. He was confused as it was difficult to see clearly.

“Gasp, that’s not lightning. It’s a Lightning Spirit!”

However, as universe stage martial warriors, after observing for some time, they recognized the lightning and were shocked.

These three beings amazed them three times!

“Does this Lightning Spirit belong to that student too?” One of them asked the other two through voice transmission after some hesitation.

“Very likely!” The other person nodded.

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