Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 3646 - Envoy from the Holy Land

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Chapter 3646 - Envoy from the Holy Land

Envoy from the Holy Land


Translator: Henyee Translations ] Editor: Henyee Translations

After the light-person finished speaking, his body turned into bits of light that disappeared without a trace.

What was this Chen Fengyan doing all day? Why did he always send his doppelganger or mental projection to do things? It was almost impossible to see his true self.

Could it be that he was about to break through to the fourth pinnacle level, and wanted to become a great elite of Sect Master-level?

It was possible. Thus, he was very tolerant now, because as long as he became a

Sect Master level, how could the likes of the Primordial True Lord and others be able to withstand a single strike from him?

The conflict that was about to happen was resolved, but the atmosphere could no longer go back to how it had once been. The extraterrestrial visitors all had ugly expressions. They were actually suppressed by a Mystery Realm Tier, which made them feel suffocated.

But in a battle of equal cultivation levels, they were really no match.

“Hmph, what’s the point of a Mystery Realm Tier being invincible among his peers?”

“That’s right. When they leaped over the Celestial Gate, how many prodigies

had died?”

“You can only show off a little now. After he advances into the Celestial Path, in a battle of equal cultivation levels, I will be able to kill him easily.

“Foundation Building Tier is the starting point of cultivation. It’s completely meaningless to compare to the mortal level.

Not long after, these extraterrestrial visitors all became excited on their own, and belittled Ling Han without caring about the facts.

This was very infuriating. They were clearly outmatched in a battle of equal cultivation levels, yet still turned around to mock him.

Ling Han didn’t say anything. He simply retrieved the treasures that he had just won and placed them on the table.

Instantly, those extraterrestrial visitors were rendered speechless.

These stakes were their humiliation, and also Ling Han’s battle merits. What else could they say?

The banquet continued, but everyone lost interest.

The extraterrestrial visitors all hoped that the banquet would end quickly, so that they could leave, while the subjects of the Dark North Nation were discussing Ling Han spiritedly. As expected, His Majesty still thought very highly of this young prodigy. Should they find a chance to stuff some women of marriageable age into the Foreign Affairs Department?

The main characters of this banquet were obviously the Eldest Imperial Prince and the others, but now, everyone was thinking of Ling Han. It was just that different people had different feelings.

Empress Ma saw this, and also felt that it was meaningless for the banquet to continue. She stood up, and was just about to announce the end of the banquet.

However, right at this moment, boom! A meteor suddenly streaked across the


Yi, it looked so familiar.

Not good, it was the little loli Tang Yun’er, who had crashed over with the shuttle.

Ling Han was just about to use the Imminent Skyline to leave, when he discovered that the meteor had actually braked abruptly, and stopped in midair in an incredibly bizarre manner. It was only about 30 meters above their heads.

It wasn’t Tang Yun’er.

Ling Han thought to himself. Firstly, the little loli didn’t have such good skills that she could stop just like that. Secondly, the shuttle looked different.

“Very good. With so many people here, it can also save me a lot of time.” A voice was heard from within the shuttle, “I am an envoy from the Holy Land of Metal Element, and have especially come for the Metal Element Fruit Gathering that is held in a year’s time.”

“Holy Land of Metal Element!”

“Metal Element Fruit Gathering!”

All of a sudden, the extraterrestrial visitors became incredibly excited. They naturally knew what the words “Holy Land of Metal Element” represented.

A Holy Land, only those forces that had produced Saints would be qualified to be called a Holy Land.

The shuttle slowly stopped, and a middle-aged man walked out from within. His expression was extraordinarily proud. Thinking about it, it made sense. Coming from a force of Saint-level, it was understandable that he was extremely proud.

“Greetings, rniord!” The extraterrestrial visitors all bowed in greeting, their faces all smiles.

Seeing their expressions, no matter how stupid the people from the Dark North Nation were, they knew that the Holy Land of Metal Element was extremely awesome, and this Metal Element Fruit Gathering was probably also extremely grand, and they would be able to obtain great benefits.

The middle-aged man wore a reserved expression. Although he was only at the Foundation Building Tier, with his background, even elites at the Core Formation Tier would treat him with utmost respect.

He was very pleased with the treatment he was receiving, yet deliberately kept a straight face, and said calmly, “I have been commanded to come here to find prodigies, and bestow them the qualifications to participate in the Metal Element Fruit Gathering. I had not thought that there would be so many prodigies in this declining land.”

“Lord, you may not know, but I am not from the Celestial Sea Planet. I am from the Flying Rain Sect of the Crimson Alchemy Planet.”

“I’m from the Nine Sinking Sect of Setting Sun Planet.”

Everyone introduced themselves, one after another. They hurriedly drew a clear dividing line between themselves and the Celestial Sea Planet. They had no wish to be thought of as natives of a backward place.

“So that’s how it is.” The middle-aged man nodded. His name was Wan Ziping, and after being sucked up to like crazy, he naturally announced his name. Being called Lord Wan repeatedly, he felt even more pleased.

“Never mind. I am commanded to search for prodigies. I don’t care about background, as long as they are talented enough.”

“Come, everyone, step forwards one by one. As long as you place your hand on the shuttle, this Spirit Tool will automatically judge whether you are qualified to go to the Holy Land of Metal Element.

He was a little overbearing, but the Holy Land and Fruit Gathering that he had thrown out had struck them dizzy. Even Empress Ma and the Eldest Imperial Prince did not step forwards to stop him. Instead, they first sent someone to investigate the situation.

After learning of the background of the Holy Land of Metal Element, they all inhaled sharply.


What kind of lofty existence was this? There was no need for him to make a move at all. A single thought was enough to make the Celestial Sea Planet crumble.

Of course, having a Saint appear and having a Saint present were two completely different matters. However, even if the Holy Land of Metal Element no longer had Saints, who could compare to their background?

There was definitely a Saint Tool suppressing the Holy Land, and even if a Venerate Tier cultivator went, they would only be seeking death.

Everyone obediently queued up. Not one of them dared to shout loudly, fearing that they would be disqualified.

“Those below Celestial Path don’t have to join in on the excitement,” Wan Ziping said. He pulled a person out of the group, his expression filled with disdain.

What, the lowest requirement to qualify was Foundation Building Tier?

This was enough to eliminate 99°/° ofthe people here.

Meanwhile, the extraterrestrial visitors all wore cold smirks. What kind of place did he think the Holy Land of Metal Element was? Did he think that just anyone had the right to go there?

Quite a number of people’s eyes flew towards Ling Han. So what if you are freakish?

Without reaching the Foundation Building Tier, one wouldn’t even be qualified to undergo the test!

Haha, he could only watch wide-eyed as the great opportunity flew away. He must be feeling very terrible.

The test was in progress, and those who passed would be enshrouded by a ray of light, which would leave behind a mark. This was the qualification for participation in the Metal Element Fruit Gathering.

Those who had passed naturally looked pleased, while those who had not looked livid.

judging by the current situation, if one wanted to pass, they would have to be a one-star genius.

Princess Bixiao walked over, curtsied to Wan Ziping, and said, “Bixiao pays respects to Lord Wan.”

Wan Ziping’s eyes involuntarily lit up. This kind of beauty was really rare. Even in the Holy Daughter, merely in terms of beauty, she could be ranked among the Holy Daughters.

He couldn’t help but become gentle, and asked, “What is it?

“Bixiao earnestly requests for an exception, Lord,” Princess Bixiao said. She pointed at Ling Han, and continued, “This is Ling Han, and he’s currently Mystery Realm Tier, and he’s invincible against those at the same cultivation level. Moreover, he’s only a step away from reaching the Celestial Path. One year is enough for him to reach the Foundation Building Tier.

“You want me to make an exception for him and grant him the right?” Wan Ziping asked.

“Yes.” Princess Bixiao curtsied.

Wan Ziping couldn’t help but laugh loudly, “A mere backward place, and someone actually dares to boast that he is invincible among his peers? Rules are rules.. Without reaching the Foundation Building Tier, what right do you have to go to the Holy Land?”

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