Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 2868 - The Heaven-Defying Emperors Sword

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Chapter 2868 - The Heaven-Defying Emperor's Sword

On the Sun, Tianming’s imperial order was enhanced by the masses. Every part of it was supported by the heavenly wills, divine wills, and orders of trillions. There were many migrants from Gladeus that had also joined the faith, making Tianming's source of power even more extensive. His imperial order was the first to grow to a new level.

At that moment, everyone on the Sun felt the feedback from his imperial order once again reverberating with their heavenly wills, divine wills, and orders. There were trillions of them!

The heavenly will of mortals, due to the improvement of Tianming's imperial order, could break through several levels. Even the divine wills of the gods broke through one or two levels.

As for orders, that was definitely impossible unless Tianming's power could surpass order and reach a new realm. Imperial order and the omnisentient threads mutually reinforced and restrained each other.

After the masses became strong, united as one, Tianming's imperial order became even more stable.

His seventh heptastar organ directly soared with heat. It was straight and extremely sturdy like a victorious banner, towering high with majestic power and a murderous aura.

Driven by his imperial order, his other orders grew as well. Although they were somewhat unstable, they still formed a balanced structure. His imperial order's role in balancing that structure was very obvious.

Tianming clearly felt that his heptastar cosmic physique would still be able to remain stable if he used more order fragments. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how much danger Zi Zhen had gone through to obtain the grade-five order fragment. Stronger order fragments were very precious, not as common as cabbages. They were things that couldn’t be encountered other than by luck.

And he’d already had one pleasant surprise. His mind settled down, and using his orders as a magnet, he drew nova source into his body, then used the Primordial Chaos Beast techniques to transform it into cosmoforce and pour it into his astrons. The cosmoforce within his body began soaring, gradually reaching the standards of a new level.

"Twelfth astral phase, achieved!" The twelfth astral phase was the last level of the Order stage, and was very crucial. It was the completion of the first stage of astral gods where the spherical honeycomb briquette became complete, as well as the starting point for the next stage, playing a role in connecting the previous and the next.

"In terms of orders, mine have reached the strongest level of the Order stage. My dark stellar chart should soon appear, right?" As expected, the minor stellar chart from all the way back in the Stellaminoris stage transformed into a dark stellar chart. It slowly overlaid itself on his body.

Within Tianming's body, the originally chaotic and disorderly astrons began to move, transfer, and reconfigure themselves. His appearance seemed unchanged, but in reality, the countless astrons inside him had undergone earth-shattering changes.

A miniature cosmic blueprint appeared inside his body. It was temporarily unable to manifest outside and become a cosmic chart, but Cosmic Cartography was no longer very far away for him. The transformation of his body structure had laid the foundation, and also allowed his vitality and combat power to rise to a certain extent, making him more capable of controlling the power of the masses.

"The power from the masses is vast and endless. My cosmic blueprint is like the old pandemonium and cyclic sacrosuns, good at operating and calling upon their power. As long as I use it well, the upper limit of the combat power I can display will be even higher! Plus, I have the Order Relic, so I’m not afraid of order suppression. I should be even stronger!"

Tianming tried calling upon the power from the tens of trillions of adherents he had on the Sun. At that moment, the entire ether-class world seemed to be combined with his body's cosmic blueprint. The countless astrons in his body were also like small suns, glowing and heating up. A scorching wave of air swept through the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, showing how powerful he was at that precise moment.

"The ability to cross levels to fight is just one manifestation of the inheritance of the Primordial God-Emperor. In fact, as long as I’m on the Sun, the better I can integrate with the will of the world and the masses, so the combat power I can exert has no limit!"

The power Tianming got from each being was just a billionth of their power, but adding it all together allowed him to fight across levels. If he developed it further and a more intense resonance was formed, he would be virtually unlimited as long as the cosmic blueprint could withstand it.

"The will of the Sun! The will of the flameyellow divinities...." Tianming came to a new, but vague, understanding of his power. His willpower had greatly increased before the arrival of the powerhouses from Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus, the entire world and the masses behind him giving him courage.

He opened his eyes, the divine light within them radiant. He seemed like a celestial emperor descending, domineering and unparalleled. Unfortunately, at that moment, only Feiling was there.

"Broke through?" She smiled.

"Indeed!" Tianming stretched, full of confidence.

"I heard that someone wants to become your sugar mommy. Impressive," she said.

"Huh?" His imposing manner deflated. He saw a jealous look on the beautiful girl in front of him. "It’s a misunderstanding!" he quickly said.

"Misunderstanding? I can see you enjoying it...."

"No, dear Ling'er, my love for you is witnessed by the heavens and the earth, and the sun and moon!"

Seeing that he was serious, Feiling couldn't help but laugh, "Okay, I'm teasing you. Idiot."

"You dare to tease me? This Jiang family woman committed the crime of deceiving the emperor!" Tianming angrily said.

"How do you want to convict me?" She lightly bit her red lips, her charming eyes glowing.

Tianming couldn't hold back. Originally, his imperial order's growth had already made his desires more vigorous. "Three hundred strokes, no, thirty thousand! I’ll personally administer the punishment."

As for what kind of punishment she would face, those who know, know. It isn’t necessary to elaborate here.


On the Gladean Ruins, Tianming once again entered the mural room. Xiaodao only cultivated the reaper sword dao, so he could only cultivate Death Imperatoris.

But Tianming was different. Carnage, Carillon, Inferno, Dominum, and Venerabilis—he had already fused five. On the Sun, the Imperator Mural from the flameyellow divinities undoubtedly had a fiercer killing power than the Grandvoid Compendium and Xiaozhi Sword Art. In this urgent situation, Tianming decided to cultivate the Imperator Mural first. Its short-term benefits were the greatest.

"After my lifesbane order entered my brain, my Aenonic Grandbane’s Vita Prime seems even more effective. My comprehension of this imperator's mural has improved a lot and the fusion is faster!"

Four murals remained. Tianming selected one that was currently the most suitable for his order—the ‘Defiance' mural, which came from Imperator Defiance.

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