Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2363 Elder Hui! (2)

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Chapter 2363 Elder Hui! (2)

The Dark Shadow Sword appeared in the starry sky. It seemed to flash with a dazzling light, tearing through the void.

Wang Teng's expression froze.

Power of time!


In the next moment, the power of time surged out from within him, injected into the Dark Shadow Sword.


The Dark Shadow Sword began to tremble violently. The shadow serpent emitted a painful hissing sound. It felt bewildered. This power was causing it actual pain.

"Don't resist, you can't die!" Wang Teng's mind commanded sternly.

The reason he had to use the Dark Shadow Sword was that only this semi-god weapon could withstand his power of time and fully unleash that technique.


A rumble emanated from within the Dark Shadow Sword, shaking the void. Terrifying fluctuations emanated from this semi-god weapon.

Dimensional rifts appeared around the Dark Shadow Sword, unable to withstand the power.

Even within those dimensional rifts, there seemed to be another, more mysterious force quietly spreading. Outsiders might not sense it, but it posed an unimaginable threat within the dimensional rifts.

"Hmm?" The elder's voice from before sounded again, seeming somewhat surprised.

"Reverse Slash!"

With a furious shout in his mind, Wang Teng didn't hesitate, fiercely slashing the Dark Shadow Sword from bottom to top.

In an instant, a terrifying bright white sword light burst out, tearing through the void. Wherever it passed, space couldn't bear it, and dimensional rifts appeared.

The sword light hit the huge palm print above his head in an instant. There was no immense sound, no terrifying momentum, only silence.

The palm print froze instantly in mid-air, then disintegrated abruptly to the shock of everyone present!

Without warning!

It just collapsed suddenly.

The sword light, compared to the colossal palm print, seemed like a mere wrinkle in the palm, capable of leaving only a small wound.

However, at this moment, the colossal palm print collapsed uncontrollably outward from the center of the sword light, wreaking havoc in all directions.

The formidable figures from the five major families, who had just appeared in the distance, couldn't help but show signs of astonishment. Even the serene and ancient faces of the elders revealed a hint of emotion as if witnessing something unbelievable.

Many onlookers couldn't comprehend the profound nature of the sword light, but they witnessed the collapse of the palm print under Wang Teng's blade. Their faces reflected astonishment.

Wang Teng didn't pause for a moment, his expression devoid of joy. With a grave countenance, he immediately activated his Space Flash technique, darting out of the coverage area of the palm print.

The palm print was too immense. Even with the Space Flash, he couldn't have escaped its range.

That was why he had to resort to the Dark Shadow Sword and the Time Technique, Reverse Slash, to shatter the terrifying palm print.

Fortunately, as he anticipated, although Reverse Slash was only a heaven-stage technique, it was incredibly potent and enigmatic as a time technique. Coupled with the Dark Shadow Sword, a semi-divine weapon, it could barely crush the palm print.

As the palm print crumbled, a venerable figure emerged from the void.

He was an elderly man, the exact age of whom was indeterminate. His hair was snow-white and his face creased with wrinkles. His frame was hunched, but his eyes were profound, resembling two black holes that could absorb all gazes.

His appearance immediately became the focal point of the entire starry sky.

All sounds vanished!

All eyes turned towards the old man!

Everything seemed frozen as if the entire space were under his control, giving the impression that life and death rested in his hands.

Wang Teng's expression turned extremely grim. He too sensed that he was like a puppet in the hands of this elder as if a mere flick of the elder's fingers could end his life.

Even when the formidable figures from the five major families appeared, they didn't evoke such a feeling.

Wang Teng could feel that they were also at the eternal stage!

But the gap between the two sides was staggering.

This was an eternal-stage ruler!

The most terrifying existence among eternal-stage experts was only one step away from becoming a god-stage expert.

The Heishan Royal Clan sent such a powerhouse. This was beyond belief.

Wang Teng had encountered eternal-stage rulers before, and he had even seen true gods, but none of them had ever shown malice toward him. Therefore, he had never truly felt the terrifying power they possessed.

This was the first time an eternal-stage ruler had shown his malice towards him. Wang Teng truly felt how terrifying it was.

The disparity was too vast. He had no way to resist an eternal-stage ruler.

Even Duke Yaheng, Bi Chunrou, Pearson, She'er, and the others held their breaths and looked at the old man in disbelief.

The existence of such a powerful figure within the Black Skull Universe Pirates was inconceivable.

They found it difficult to believe.

While the Black Skull Universe Pirates were formidable, they had never heard of the existence of such a powerhouse among them. The appearance of this individual had far exceeded their understanding.

Something was definitely amiss with this Black Skull Universe Pirates!

Also, what was that young man shouting just now?

Elder Hui?!

Such a title was impossible for a mere universe pirate group. They evidently had another identity.

"Elder Hui, are you truly intent on wiping us out?"

At this moment, the five eternal-stage figures from the Five Burial Stars arrived, confronting the elderly man with grim expressions.

The elderly man paid no attention to the others, nor did he respond to the inquiries of the Five Burial Stars' powerhouses. His gaze fell directly on Wang Teng, and he asked, "Who are you, little one?"

His hand was hidden within his sleeve, but if anyone had noticed, they would have seen his hand trembling slightly, with a wound seeping blood. However, the blood remained controlled on his palm by some unseen force, preventing it from dripping. No matter how the wound was treated, it refused to heal. It appeared incredibly eerie.

The expressions of the eternal-stage powerhouses from the five major families turned even uglier as the other party completely ignored them.

Was this the chasm between the eternal-stage marquess and the eternal-stage rulers?

"And who are you?" Wang Teng asked in a cold voice.

At this point, it wasn't about backing down anymore. Even if he retreated, the other party wouldn't give him any chance to live.

So, he could only hold the Dark Shadow Sword against the neck of the Heishan Royal Clan youth. In just an instant, he could take the other's life.

He didn't believe the other party could remain indifferent. If they truly didn't care, the elder wouldn't have appeared.

"And who am I?" The elder let out a hoarse laugh and said, "It has been a long time since someone dared to ask me about my identity so directly, especially a mere cosmos-stage warrior like you. You're the first in many years."

"And then?" Wang Teng asked indifferently. "Is living for so long something to be proud of?"

"You have quite the courage, little one," the elder said, squinting at Wang Teng.

"You're right. I do have quite the courage. Those who praise my courage, you're not the first, and your strength isn't the greatest."

"Are you threatening me?" The elder's eyes flickered slightly as he looked at Wang Teng for a while, then suddenly smiled.

The eternal-stage powerhouses from the five major families couldn't help but glance sideways. This kid indeed had remarkable courage. However, his identity was also quite special, perhaps enough to make Elder Hui wary.

The younger generation of martial warriors in the distance had completely lost their voices. There was no chance for them to speak in such a situation, and they didn't dare to speak, fearing they might be slapped to death.

They looked at Wang Teng with complex expressions, feeling not only shock but also an involuntary sense of admiration.


Faced with such an immensely powerful eternal-stage powerhouse, the other could take his life with just a word, yet he dared to respond so boldly as if he didn't regard the other at all.

This kind of courage was beyond ordinary!

They couldn't help but feel inferior.

Duke Yaheng, Bi Chunrou, and the others exchanged a glance, took a deep breath, and could only smile bitterly as they watched the situation unfold.

Wang Teng calmly looked at the elder and said, "If that's what you think, then so be it!"

With that said, complete silence enveloped the surroundings.

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