Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor Chapter 905 Unparallel Strength

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Chapter 905 Unparallel Strength

After the dinner, Wang Wei checked on the rest of his family. His grandfather was in retreat, studying his [Fate Transcending Sutra] and learning from it. According to him, he wanted to do whatever was necessary to prepare for his battle against Emperor Nine Suns.

Li Jun and Yan Liling were in a similar state, in retreat to prepare for their moment. Wang Ju was in the process of becoming a Dao Ancestor. The Lord's Shadow Technique allowed Wang Wei to condense a unique Dao Seed for her.

Furthermore, Wang Wei gave her a few branches from the World Tree to stabilize her Inner World.

Tie Gang was relaxing, waiting for his time to become Dao Ancestor and serve Wang Wei one last time. Then, it's time for him to reincarnate.

After checking on everyone, he returned to the court to also cultivate. He ignored the chaos in the Western Continent.

Furthermore, this was technically his first retreat since proving the Dao.

Wang Wei clenched his hand inside the room, feeling the power in his vein:

[31 Infant Fiendgod Force].

He only needed nine more to reach the level where he could fight a Third Class Emperor with his physical prowess alone.

"I've experienced 2 Grand Dao Source Baptism, and the increase is still so small," complained Wang Wei. During the final battle, he only had 21 Infant Fiendgod Force, so an increase of 10.

Of course, Wang Wei knew the reason for such a small increase was due to the fact he was in the Infant Fiendgod Realm and not the Primordial Dragon Realm.

Wang Wei shook his head, redirecting his focus elsewhere. He reinforced the array in the cultivation room.

"I have a rough idea of how strong I am, but now, let's get the exact date."

The room suddenly changed as ten palaces of majestic and noble aura manifested. Anyone who laid eyes on them would be drawn, thinking the answers to all life secrets, to their fate, were somewhere in these palaces.

'Interesting. My Awakening is the form of my Fate Palaces,' thought Wang Wei before checking his current strengtha??35% Grand Dao Source, an increase of 10%.

An Emperor's Dao Body is a manifestation of his foundation before proving the Dao. The [Awakening] is a display of that foundation for battle. So, since Wang Wei achieved Ten Supremacy Foundation, he received a 10% Grand Dao Boost boost.

"Next, let's try adding the soul."

A terrifying soul power originated from his Sea Consciousness manifested, adding to his already immense strength. After the soul power appeared, Wang Wei's strength oddly did not increase, remaining the same at 35%.

However, he was not surprised. Cultivating and battling in the Emperor Realm is odd. Although percentage is used to determine power and realm, the strength increase of one percent is exponential.

As such, there is a vast difference in strength between 4 and 5% Grand Dao Source, and the same for 69 and 70%. The higher the percentage, the larger the difference.

Because of the vast difference, boosts for Emperors logically do not make sense. For example, Wang Wei's current strength of 35%, because of the vast difference between 35 and 36%, even if his soul gave a 10% boost in stats, it should not increase his battle prowess.

The answers to these questions are one of the mechanisms for the Emperor Tiers. Some techniques can only boost Emperors' basic stats, allowing them to battle opponents of the same strength or percentage.

However, another technique called the Source Technique grants Grand Dao Boosts, allowing them to fight above their percentage.

One example of a Source Technique is Wang Wei's Force Control Skill.

The battle mechanism for Emperors still has many logical flaws: the Grand Dao boosts should not stack. Wang Wei's Awakening and Innate Paragon Soul should not combine to give him a 20% Grand Dao boost since the difference between each percentage is so large.

Theoretically speaking, it should be like he can use his Awakening to fight an opponent with 35% Grand Dao Boost. Then, after the technique ran out, he exchanged his Innate Paragon Soul, similar to using card slots.

It was the same for his other Grand Dao Boosts.

However, Wang Wei could stack his boosts. He only needed to use his Dao Imprint as the medium, allowing his Grand Dao Boosts to stack, ignoring the exponential difference between each


Wang Wei activated his Dao Imprint, and his strength reached 45% Grand Dao Source. Without hesitation, he added another boosta??his physical body.

However, he soon frowned, realizing he only received a 2% boost.

'I see. She took into account I would cultivate into the lower dimension, and my physical body would reach 40 Fiendgod Force.'

Wang Wei did not mine the low boost. Of all his boosters, his soul and body were the ones with the most potential.

Subsequently, he activated his Dao Will, granting him a boost of 3%.

'The Dao Will has more potential than that,' thought Wang Wei. In a dangerous situation, the boost of the Dao Will can reach 5% if pushed to an extreme, but the backlash will also be terriblea??even for an Eternal Emperor.

Wang Wei's current strength reached 50%. So, he summoned his Willpower Manifestation, achieving another Grand Dao Boost of 10.

'Is this the strength of 60% Grand Dao Source? I can easily destroy dozens, if not more, World Communities with one attack.'

This thought was scary. Each World community contained millions of worlds, yet he could destroy all life and matter in these places with a wave of his hand.

'But it's not over,' said Wang Wei as he summoned his Proving Dao Artifact, his power reaching 65%.

"I feel a little unstable.'

Wang Wei was very sensitive and discovered his stacking ability from his Dao Imprint showed signs of instability.

'I should probably take time to study the Imprint and discover the secrets of this stacking,' he commented before continuing. He activated his Source Techniquea??Force Control Skill.

His power reached 67% Grand Dao Source.

"Without the level of Heavenly Dao Control, the boost is only 2%.

Doesn't matter, it should be completed soon.'

One of the reasons he captured Heavenly Dao and forced it into a human body was to better observe how it operates and controls laws. So, his Force Control Skill will soon succeed.

'However, I have a feeling, even if it's completed, my strength will only reach 69%, not reaching the level of Empyrean.'

He knew his feelings were true. In the future, even after his base's strength of 25% increases, it will be difficult to cross the 70% of Empyrean.

'There should be many reasons for this. The first one is the vast difference between Tier 11 and 10 in the Emperor Path. The second and main one should be the restrictions on the Lower Dimension.

'True Heavenly Dao does not even allow Dao Rulers to appear, let alone an Empyreana??even if it is just battle prowess.'

Wang Wei frowned as he realized he would need to hide his strength and not display all of it. Otherwise, True Heavenly Dao might immediately exile him into the Upper Dimension.

'Well, it doesn't matter much. I should be invincible in the Lower Dimension. It's a shame I cannot immediately slaughter Old Man Nether.'

Wang Wei considered two people in the Lower Dimension to be his true enemy: Old Man Nether and the possibility of Death Reverence showing up as he destroyed the Corpse Selling Sect.

No, a third possible enemy is the Old Gods behind Yi Lancheng and the Abyss Gap. Something unexpected might come from that weird locale.

'Okay, let's use the 300 years to cultivate the body,' thought Wang Wei as he waved his hand to change the time ratio between his room and the outside.

Then, he took the Immortal Tier level of the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture to read and analyze.'

While he was in retreat, the outside world was in a semi-turbulent state. A terrifying slaughter took place in the Western Continent.

Large-scale Emperor Wars took place as these devil cultivators slaughtered each other.

Feng Heng, who did not want to intervene, had to because the fights began to involve mortals, so he had to take action to save them.

In the Eastern Continent, the top Emperor Lineages went to put pressure on the Ancient Clan. They had a disagreement, but no one fought yet. However, the knowledgeable ones knew it was only a matter of time before the Sword Casting Villa intervened.

By then, things will become more complicated.

In the Southern Continent, everything seemed fine as Xu Shi did things in a more diplomatic way. However, news of what happened to the Origin Rune Palace was leaked.

The news was shocking at first, but no one truly careda??until they learned Wu Ming began to live in the Heavenly Court. Some factions began to worry about the overwhelming advantage the latter would have after using the excellent cultivation state of the court.

As such, some people began to be tempted, wondering whether they should also join.

In the Northern Continent, Ao Shen was low-key after his victory.

He used the time when people's eyes were focused on the West to revive the demon race as much as possible.

Furthermore, he is also trying to find a way to become an Emperor.

Typically, he would not have such a thought and was ready to reincarnate. However, after saying the anomaly of this generation, he believed there might be a way for him.

The Sea Race was also low-key despite the grievances they felt. As such, no one knew whether they were truly laying low or biding their time for something else.

The gears of the world turned, waiting for the second court meeting.

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