Journey To Become A True God Chapter 3331 an obliterator sent to kill Ye Chen

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Chapter 3331 an obliterator sent to kill Ye Chen

"Someone attacked me, please help me" Chang Somun said that someone attacked him.

"who dares to attack you?" Duke Yong asked, who dares to attack Chang Somun.

"a young man," Chang Somun said to Duke Yong.

"Just one person?" Duke Yong asked if it was just one person who had defeated so many people.

"Even though it was just one person, this person's strength was very strong, he destroyed all the troops I had easily." Chang Somun said that Ye Chen was firm; he trounced everyone without any problems.

This made someone like Chang Somun afraid, and they asked Duke Yong for help.

"Nonsense, no matter how strong he is, he's only a weak person, there's no need to use your full strength to fight him." Duke Yong thought that Ye Chen was very weak.

"I will send one person to fight him," Duke Yong said to Chang Somun.

He said that he would send someone strong enough to defeat Ye Chen.

"Thank you very much." Chang Somun was grateful because Duke Yong was willing to send stronger people to fight Ye Chen.

By sending one of his strong men, he would kill Ye Chen.

In this way, he killed Ye Chen, leaving no corpse behind.

"Please send an obliterator to deal with this problem." Duke Yong decided to summon an obliterator.

Duke Yong called out; a person in red armor appeared and saluted.

"master, what do you want" he asked Duke Yong.

"I want you to eliminate someone, Chang Somun tell me the characteristics and appearance of that person," Duke Yong said to Chang Somun.

He told Chang Somun to tell him who Ye Chen was and Ye Chen's appearance.

Chang Somun started to tell Ye Chen and showed Ye Chen's figure.

Duke Yong saw Ye Chen's figure; his appearance was so ugly and looked lowly, just looking at it made Duke Yong feel sick.

"You lost to someone like this, what a shame" Duke Yong told Chang Somun.

"Master, don't underestimate this person's strength, his appearance may be bad, his strength is very great" Chang Somun warned.

Chang Somun had seen Ye Chen's strength, so it wasn't strange that he would give such a warning.

"hahahahaha, don't worry, this person will kill him soon, you have 1 day to do it, do it quickly." Duke Yong said that the obliterator had 1 day to kill Ye Chen.

"Sir, I only need 12 hours to kill him and eliminate him from this world," he answered that he only needed 12 hours.

"Very good, let's do it quickly," he said to do it immediately; with that, he just went straight and immediately did what he was told.

With this, the vandal is looking for Ye Chen, I don't think it will take him long to find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Because they could easily find Ye Chen's whereabouts without the slightest problem.

"Don't worry, that person will die soon, go back and recover," Duke Yong said to Chang Somun.

"Thank you very much," Chang Somun thanked him, and after saying thank you, he immediately left the place.

"That's all, how could he lose to someone like that?" Duke Yong didn't believe someone like Chang Somun could lose to a bum.

"Duke Yong decided to ignore the matter; he focused on finding the remains of the defeated Duke Cai; by doing this, all threats would be completely resolved, and he would be the only influential person.

Also, soon the crown prince will ascend the throne, who can stop him, he will become a strong and influential person, no one will be able to defeat him.

After getting orders from Duke Yong, the person quickly found Ye Chen.

He only needed 2 hours to find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Very fast enough to find Ye Chen, who was hiding.

Ye Chen lazed around together with Chu Yuechan.

He enjoyed his time together with Chu Yuechan.

"It's so boring here; when will they start the big battle, I can't wait anymore," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen waited as the crown prince began to eradicate all his opponents.

That was the best opportunity that Ye Chen could wait for, and attacking them in that situation was the wisest choice that Ye Chen could think of.

It's a shame the plan hasn't been implemented yet; Ye Chen wondered why they didn't just start.

"They are still careful, I see that Duke Cai's strength is quite strong, if they attack, they will suffer losses.

"There seems to be a smart person behind them, what do you think?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"I agree, there is someone who is quite smart, without that smart person, everything would run smoothly.

"They are too alert and make all your plans not work."

Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

While they were relaxing, Ye Chen felt an attack coming, and the attack hit the Array that protected this house.

"Who is that person, dare to attack me, maybe Chang Somun will come back," said Ye Chen.

"impossible, his aura is clearly very different from Chang Somun," Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan clearly felt that the aura this person possessed was incompatible with Chang Somun.

This person's aura was so cruel and dark as if he was a ghost assigned to kill Ye Chen.

"I'll take a look" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen said that he would start trying to take a look.

Chu Yuechan understood she had entered the fairy gate.

Ye Chen came out, and when he came out, he saw a man with his face covered by a mask with two swords on his back.

Without saying much to Ye Chen, the person immediately attacked Ye Chen, using the two swords on his back.

"dead," the obliterator said to Ye Chen.

"What are you doing? Come and attack me, courting death" Ye Chen reached out and hit the obliterator sent by Duke Yong.

"Bam. ." Ye Chen's one punch made a hole in the person's body; his weapon and body were destroyed in one powerful attack by Ye Chen.

The battle ended very quickly, Ye Chen defeated the person in just a matter of seconds.

"?" Sometime later, the person's body turns into mucus.

It turned into slime and instantly disappeared into the ground.

Ye Chen saw this; he could confirm what happened.

"A substitute body, he attacked me using a substitute body," Ye Chen said that this person had attacked Ye Chen using a substitute body.

Using a replacement body, he tried to check and analyze Ye Chen's abilities.

"So that's how it is" Ye Chen immediately understood what the other party wanted, and Ye Chen could confirm that the other party was very smart.

"Let's die and find out where you are hiding" Ye Chen started to find out the whereabouts of this person.

With Ye Chen's spirit sense and abilities, he began to search for the person's whereabouts.

"found" Ye Chen found the person, and he finally found the person.

Ye Chen hit the ground in front of him.

The ground below immediately rose with one clap, and Ye Chen forced out the hiding person.

"You are quite silly, you think you can hide in the ground?" Ye Chen said to the person in front of him.

He didn't answer Ye Chen; he was silent and looked at Ye Chen.

"What's wrong, are you a mute person?" Ye Chen asked, it was possible that this person couldn't speak.

He glared at Ye Chen, and after doing this, he attacked Ye Chen again.

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