Legend of Swordsman Chapter 4948 - 4948 Sword Dao Emperor

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Chapter 4948 - 4948 Sword Dao Emperor

4948 Sword Dao Emperor

The pot-bellied Buddha roared in rage. Having lost an arm, he was extremely furious.

Then, he used his remaining arm to smash Jian Wushuang again.

Space was torn apart, and he quickly dodged.

Looking at the pot-bellied Buddha who had lost his mind, Jian Wushuang thought of something and immediately raised his realm to the peak.

Endless majestic divine patterns flowed around his body. The unknown power that surpassed the immortal evolution was extremely powerful.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang was like a supreme True Immortal, and all the Heavenly Dao laws prostrated at his feet.

Seeing this scene, even the arm of the pot-bellied Buddha hesitated for a moment.

Jian Wushuang did not dodge. He just pointed at the front.


The two collided, and the arm that was like a True Dragon was actually sealed in the air, unable to advance even an inch.

A look of bewilderment flashed in the eyes of the pot-bellied Buddha. He realized that he really could not make a move.

Then, Jian Wushuang said, “Let me go and I will spare your life. Otherwise, I can cut off one of your arms and destroy your Immortal Source.”

“Destroy my Immortal Source, hehe, with your puny body?” the the pot-bellied Buddha cackled and shot a greedy gaze. “It’s not impossible to let you leave. As long as you let me bite you, I’ll let you leave.”

Jian Wushuang snorted angrily and Selfless True Shadow appeared behind him.

Jian Wushuang had already released the Selfless True Shadow in the void battleground in the Six Heaven Realm. It was extremely mysterious.

In an instant, the Selfless True Shadow, which was hundreds of thousands of feet tall, completely materialized. It was even three thousand feet taller than the pot-bellied Buddha.

Seeing this terrifying scene, the pot-bellied Buddha, who was still laughing strangely, was stunned. He even forgot what to do next.

“If you don’t make way, I won’t be polite.”

Jian Wushuang and the huge Selfless True Shadow behind him spoke at the same time. Boundless power spread out and it was extremely terrifying.

Looking at the stunned pot-bellied Buddha, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He thought to himself that he had already intimidated him.

However, in the next moment, the originally stunned Buddha suddenly laughed wildly. His remaining arm suddenly stopped the confronting Selfless True Shadow.

At the same time, his extremely huge belly actually split open at this moment, revealing a Taotie’s huge mouth that could almost devour the world.

His entire stomach was actually a mouth!

Jian Wushuang suddenly felt that something was wrong. He wanted to withdraw the True Shadow, but he realized that it was too late.

“I, I want to swallow you all!”

After finishing his last sentence, the pot-bellied Buddha’s huge belly suddenly opened up, revealing his big mouth and sucking at Jian Wushuang.

Under this terrifying suction force, the 30,000-meter-tall Selfless True Shadow was completely unable to move at this moment.

Cold sweat poured out of Jian Wushuang’s temples. He had never thought that the pot-bellied Buddha would have such a trump card.

Under this terrifying suction force, his Immortal body was shaken.

The 10,000-meter-tall Selfless True Shadow shattered, turning into countless stars that surged into the pot-bellied Buddha’s incomparably huge belly.

Not only did the Selfless Shadow disappear, but all the Yan power in Jian Wushuang’s Immortal body was also disappearing rapidly.

He turned pale with fright and instantly released his Sword Intent without holding back.

Wushuang Sword Dao, Star River Lake Ocean Sword Intent, second move.


The majestic celestial river descended from the sky. This was a magnificent sword formed by billions of Sword Intents, carrying an intimidating force that could not be looked at directly.

This sword was enough to suppress 100 Yan Immortals, causing the Heavenly Dao to tremble.

However, this magnificent sword move, which had always been successful, disappeared in the next moment!

Rather than saying that it had disappeared, it would be more appropriate to say that it had been devoured.

The majestic Sword River was also swallowed by the terrifying suction force.

Jian Wushuang was completely shocked. As his strongest Sword Principle, it had been disintegrated and absorbed. Who was this the pot-bellied Buddha?!

As the Selfless True Shadow and the energy of the River-style Sword Intent were swallowed into his stomach, the pot-bellied Buddha’s body expanded by tens of thousands of feet again. His entire stomach was about to explode, and it was extremely huge.

“You even want to swallow me? Aren’t you afraid of bursting to death?” Jian Wushuang struggled to stabilize his body and shouted angrily.

“Bursting? Hehe, no one can fill me to death. I can swallow the heavens and the earth!” he said with a strange smile, his face full of madness.

“Then I’ll stuff you to death today!” Jian Wushuang gritted his teeth and said coldly. In the next moment, his Immortal body suddenly emitted billions of Yan powers.

This hundred million energy almost instantly swept through the white bone road behind him.

At this moment, the True Sword that was originally stabbed into the ground seemed to have received some kind of call. The silent sword edge suddenly appeared with a cold light.

A cold light flashed.

Ten cold lights.

Thousands of cold lights.

Ten thousand cold lights!

At this moment, all the dormant swords on the bone path were completely awakened. Each sword emitted a clear sword hum, as if they had been summoned by their master.

Jian Wushuang stood in the void and raised his arms.

As he raised his arms, tens of thousands of cold lights burst out, and tens of thousands of True Swords rose into the sky.

They hung high behind Jian Wushuang and emitted endless power.

At this moment, he was like the ruler of the sword, the sovereign of all swords.

Where the sword pointed was the journey!


Jian Wushuang waved his hand and tens of thousands of swords exploded with their own magnificent power.

They seemed to be able to sense that this was the last moment they could unleash, so the endless Sword Intent was simply magnificent to the extreme at this moment.

It was as if they had returned to the day before they fought alongside their master, and they let out excited sword cries.

Then, they charged at the pot-bellied Buddha together.

Dominating Sword Intent lit up the entire white bone road.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang became serious.

Swords had souls. They were connected to their masters and could even resonate with their souls.

At this moment, they were all willing to release their peak sword moves to show Jian Wushuang.

After the peak, it was the end.

When the Sword Intent reached its peak, all the True Swords shattered.

They were all shattered into powder, and there was no way to repair them.

“No, don’t…”

The Sword Intent was like the mountains and seas that were about to collapse, directly engulfing and concealing the pot-bellied Buddha.

10,000 Sword Intents finally bloomed without reservation.

The white bone path stirred up dust, and even the blood river above their heads fluctuated, as if it could pour down at any time.

Jian Wushuang remained rooted to the ground. His eyes were fluctuating, but he finally calmed down.

He looked at the place where the tens of thousands of Sword Intents were blooming and knew in his heart that there was no chance of the pot-bellied Buddha surviving.

When all the Sword Intents dissipated into dust, falling onto the white bone path, Jian Wushuang saw a miserable scene.

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