Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5109 The Monks Enter the Border

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Chapter 5109 The Monks Enter the Border

Accompanied by layers of mysterious runes flowing and spreading like misty dust across the vast wasteland, they began to disperse and recede.

And within this ancient and extremely dark wasteland, a glimmer of hope emerged.

Under the joint efforts of the six Monks, Jian Wushuang's condition began to stabilize.

The divine blood no longer gushed forth, and the shattered meridians started to rapidly mend.

The Undying and Imperishable Immortal Body was already an unparalleled and heaven-defying constitution, and after receiving their care, it was recovering rapidly.

The elderly Monk known as the Grandmaster, who was wise from his countless years of age, couldn't help but be amazed when he saw the terrifying speed of his recovery.

Not long ago, he had felt that Jian Wushuang, who had fallen into a coma, was no different from a corpse, with no trace of life left. His body had been reduced to powder, and even his Immortal Source had disappeared.

How could such a body be revived?

Unexpectedly, in just a few dozen breaths of time, he had already begun to recover, and he could even emit a faint breath.

The six Monks naturally noticed this situation and exchanged glances, expressing their astonishment and disbelief.

"Could it be that we've truly saved a remarkable genius?" the elder Monk questioned with some confusion, while his inner vigilance gradually diminished.

Because he did not sense any discomforting aura from Jian Wushuang.

Hundreds of breaths later, all six Monks withdrew their efforts, and the Grandmaster began to investigate Jian Wushuang's condition.

"How is it, Grandmaster? Is he out of danger?" the young samanera, Hu Qing, nervously inquired.

The Grandmaster nodded and withdrew his palm, saying, "There is no serious harm, and his recovery is going well. It seems he will awaken very soon."

A Monk with a rough appearance, thick eyebrows, and large eyes, expressed his astonishment, "This is truly a remarkable event. To endure such heavy injuries in the Great Desolate Wilderness and still have a breath left, this young man is extraordinary."

The Grandmaster clasped his hands together, saying, "Well, saving his life can be considered a good deed, hoping that all the wandering Immortals will no longer suffer in the Great Desolate Wilderness."

At this moment, another Monk, slender and clean-shaven, furrowed his brow slightly and said, "Senior Brother, we've already crossed through the Great Desolate Wilderness, and ahead should be the territory of the Great Si Region Lord. There shouldn't be any more major crises, but why is there such a strong and frenzied aura of killing here?"

The Grandmaster remained silent and slowly turned to look in the direction of the Great Si Region.

There, an almost completely dark void, nearly integrated with the Great Desolate Wilderness, stretched out, devoid of any radiant suns or celestial planes.

There was only a border barrier that was too magnificent and immense, almost isolating everything, effectively protecting the Great Si Region.

The Grandmaster furrowed his brow slightly, a hint of puzzlement in his eyes. "Could that killing intent be emanating from the Great Si Region?"

Following this, the Monk with a rough appearance and thick eyebrows, who was a Grand Yan Immortal, spoke in a deep voice, "I'm afraid this killing intent is also related to this young man. Should we wake him up and question him?"

"No, he is still recovering; we cannot treat him this way," Hu Qing, the young samanera, hurriedly protected Jian Wushuang.

The Grandmaster calmly said, "We have endured the bitter cold of the Great Desolate Wilderness, so why fear these murderous intentions?"

Another Monk, with three lotus marks on his forehead, nodded and said, "Senior Brother is right. How can these mere murderous intentions stop us? This time, we must find our other senior brothers."

"Finding them is not the goal. What we need to do is to comprehend the process. We were able to emerge from the Great Desolate Wilderness, but it wasn't solely our own doing."

After saying this last sentence, the Grandmaster turned and walked towards the direction of the Great Si Region.

The other Monks followed closely behind.

The Monk with a rough appearance, thick eyebrows, and large eyes said, "Hu Qing, since he is no longer in danger, leave him here. We have more important matters to attend to."

The young samanera Hu Qing shook his head and said, "No, Third Senior, he is still unconscious. Leaving him here in the Great Desolate Wilderness will surely cost him his life. I believe he must be a wandering Yan Immortal from the Great Si Region. It's better to take him back to the Great Si Region."

Seeing that his persuasion was in vain, he had to give up.

A group of Monks walked out into the Great Desolate Wilderness, heading towards the domain of the Great Si Regioon.

"The karma of killing is too heavy; no wonder the intent to kill is so strong. This Great Si Region is truly not a paradise."

They stepped on the road of Immortal bones crafted from the countless remains of Yan Immortals.

They observed that everything in the Great Desolate Wilderness was made up of these Immortal bones. These bones once belonged to Yan Immortals with boundless powers, but now, they had lost everything and stood desolately in the Great Desolate Wilderness for countless ages.

Stepping on the endless Immortal bones, the group of Yan Immortals arrived at the boundary barrier.

"Is this the passage that our predecessors opened? Truly, they were great practitioners!" exclaimed the thick-browed Monk, bowing his hands together in admiration. Indeed, breaking open a gap in such a vast boundary barrier was unimaginable.

"Alright, we still have a long way to go. Let's focus our minds," said the Grandmaster, leading the way towards the boundary barrier.

The young samanera Hu Qing, with a frail and slender figure, carried Jian Wushuang on his back and hung at the end of the group of Monks.

The boundary barrier was vast beyond imagination, and they had to travel a considerable distance along the road of Immortal bones to reach the Great Si Region.

Led by the Grandmaster, the group formed a zigzag formation as they advanced.

Around them, a faint and radiant Buddhist light enveloped them, offering protection. They all wore solemn expressions, seemingly prepared for whatever lay ahead.

"Senior Brothers, have you noticed that the blood aura is getting stronger?" asked one of the Monks.

"How could that be? The Great Desolate Wilderness has remained unchanged for countless eons; it's impossible for there to be any lingering blood aura," replied another.

At this moment, Hu Qing, carrying Jian Wushuang on his back, raised his head and said earnestly, "But Third Master, I feel a powerful and distinct blood aura approaching us."

Hearing Hu Qing's words, the expressions of all the Monks grew slightly more serious as they looked around the desolate wilderness.

"Be on guard. We have already left the Great Desolate Wilderness; there should be no obstacles on our way to the Great Si Region," the Grandmaster said with a furrowed brow, his gaze intense.

Just then, Jian Wushuang, who had been in a deep unconscious state, slowly began to wake up.

Hu Qing noticed Jian Wushuang awakening behind him and greeted him cheerfully, "Ah, you're awake? That was quick."

Jian Wushuang was initially bewildered, looking at the unfamiliar group of Monks before quickly realizing what had happened. "You... you saved me?"

"Of course, but please don't dwell on it. It's the least we can do," one of the Monks replied.

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