MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist Chapter 890 The Battle's Crucible

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Chapter 890 The Battle's Crucible

The weight of uncertainty pressed down upon Pamela's shoulders like a leaden cloak as she grappled with the implications of the note.

Was this potion truly meant to be a last resort, or was it merely a jest crafted by Whispera to toy with her?

A myriad of questions swirled through Pamela's mind, each one more perplexing than the last.

Had she misunderstood Whispera's intentions, or was there a deeper purpose behind the seemingly whimsical instruction?

Would she still be alive if she happened to smash that potion onto Azazel's head?

Pamela couldn't shake the image of Desira's wrath, the thought of her tearing her apart for even hurting Azazel sent a shiver down her spine.

Pamela wasn't even sure what the contents of the potion were.

What if it was something that could kill a demon or weaken them?

After all, gods and demons were eternal enemies, their animosity encoded in their very DNA.

Frustration gnawed at Pamela as she clutched her hair in exasperation. "Why can't the goddess be more specific about what that potion does?" she lamented aloud to no one in particular.

The uncertainty weighed heavily upon her as she grappled with the implications of Whispera's cryptic gift.

Was it truly a means of salvation, or merely a catalyst for further chaos?

As Pamela grappled with her internal struggles, a fierce battle raged on at a distance.

Desira, Vivi, and Malifira found themselves locked in combat with the four hammer angels, their every move calculated and precise like seasoned warriors of the Heaven Realm.

Desira unleashed a barrage of spells upon their celestial enemies. Dark energy crackled in the air as she summoned shadowy tendrils to ensnare her foes, only to watch in frustration as they effortlessly deflected her attacks.

Vivi swung her giant hammer. With each strike, the ground trembled beneath her feet as she sought to break through the angels' defenses and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Meanwhile, Malifira hurled a myriad of potions and items at the angels. Explosions erupted in their wake as the volatile concoctions detonated upon impact, scattering shrapnel and chaos in all directions.

But even as they fought with all their might, the hammer angels proved to be formidable opponents. Their gleaming armor deflected Desira's dark spells with ease, rendering her arsenal of magic all but useless against them.

"Damn it," Desira cursed under her breath, frustration evident in her voice as she struggled to find a weakness in their opponents' defenses.

Undeterred, Vivi continued to press the attack, her hammer whirling through the air with a speed that belied its massive size.

With a fierce battle cry, she charged headlong into the fray, her pet desert chameleon at her side.

The camouflaged creature blended seamlessly into its surroundings, its reptilian eyes trained on the angels with a predatory focus.

With a flick of Vivi's wrist, the chameleon lunged forward, its razor-sharp claws tearing through the angels' armor.

Yet even as Vivi and her loyal companion engaged the angels in close combat, Malifira remained on the periphery, her mind racing as she sought a solution to their predicament.

The hammer angels stood impervious to the onslaught of necrotic and dark magic, their gleaming armor deflecting even the most potent of spells. Basic elemental damage, while effective to a limited extent, seemed to merely scratch the surface of their incredible defense.

Debuffs proved futile against their divine resilience, leaving Desira, Vivi, and Malifira with few options but to seek alternative means of weakening their enemies.

It became evident that their only recourse lay in chemical damage, such as the corrosive effects of acid, to penetrate the angels' formidable defenses.

With a deft hand, she uncorked vials of potent concoctions, each one designed to exploit the angels' weaknesses and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

But try as she might, Malifira found herself hampered by the angels' immunity to all type of spells and debuffs.

Her arsenal of potions was all but useless against their gleaming armor, leaving her with few options but to bide her time and wait for an opportunity to strike.

As the battle raged on, Desira's frustration grew with each passing moment. She knew that time was not on their side, and that they needed to find a way to overcome these angels and joined with Azazel their fight against Nyxos.

"We need to find a weakness," Desira called out to her companions, her voice echoing with urgency. "We can't keep this up forever."

They would be killed by these hammer angels if they didn't think of a solution soon. It wasn't that they were weak, but there must be some stat boosting spell in Nyxos territory if mere angels could be these powerful as to overwhelm them.

Vivi redoubled her efforts, her hammer striking with renewed ferocity as she sought to break through the angels' defenses.

Malifira, meanwhile, continued to search for a solution, her keen intellect racing as she analyzed every aspect of their opponents' armor and tactics.

And then, as if by some stroke of luck, Malifira's keen eye caught sight of a chink in the angels' armor. With a shout, she pointed out the vulnerability to her companions, her voice ringing out above the din of battle.

"Over there!" she cried, her finger pointing to a small gap in the angels' defenses. "That's our opening!"

Desira, Vivi, and Malifira redoubled their efforts, focusing their attacks on the angels' weak spot with pinpoint precision. With each strike, the angel's armor cracked, their once-impervious defenses crumbling under the continued assault.

And then, in a blinding flash of light, the angels armor got destroyed, their shimmering armor reduced to nothing more than shattered fragments.

With their stats reduced and their immunity shattered, a glimmer of hope ignited within Malifira's eyes.

"This is our chance!" she exclaimed, turning to Desira with urgency. "Desira, unleash your magic upon them!"

"Stop ordering me around! I already know what to do!" Desira barked back.

With anger burning in her eyes, Desira raised her hands towards the ceiling, channeling the raw power of her magic into a devastating spell aimed at the hammer angels.

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