One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 4778 Never Too Late to Love (185)

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Chapter 4778 Never Too Late to Love (185)

She suddenly panicked!

Jing Yang grabbed her chin, lowered his head, and seemed to have sucked all the air out of her.

In the dark night, she felt as if she was drowning, with seawater surging into her body endlessly.


The pain slowly engulfed her along with the waves.

The next day, sunlight bathed the edge of the bed.

When Mu Yueyao opened her eyes, she found herself alone on the huge bed.

In a daze, she sat up and looked around. The garments strewn all over the floor, the rumpled bedclothes, and the throbbing in her temple were all reminders of the madness that had happened the night before.

"Jing…" She was about to call out his name when she heard movements in the bathroom.

Mu Yueyao was so nervous that she covered her body with the blanket. After a while, she saw Jing Yang walking out in a bathrobe.

With a perfectly-proportioned body and exquisite facial features, even wearing merely a bathrobe didn't diminish his heroic bearing.

The reason why he could become such a popular celebrity was not only because of his superb acting and singing skills. His face had attracted countless fans for him.

Mu Yueyao wrapped herself up like a dumpling, extremely embarrassed. She wanted to open her mouth to break the silence, but she didn't know what to say.

"Are you satisfied?" Jing Yang was the first to break the silence.

"Uh…" Mu Yueyao didn't quite figure out what he wanted to ask.

"Last night…" Jing Yang sat on the edge of the bed with an unprecedented gentleness in his eyes. "Are you satisfied with my service?"

"…" Mu Yueyao's face immediately paled.

She felt as if his every word was humiliating her.

Yes, she wanted him, but not this way!

Mu Yueyao turned her face away, refusing to look at him.

Jing Yang looked at her intently and raised his eyebrows. "Oh? It seems that you're not satisfied."


"It's alright." Jing Yang inched closer to her and grabbed her chin. "I have plenty of time now," he said.

"Jing Yang!" Mu Yueyao finally couldn't take it anymore. "Don't go too far!"

However, Jing Yang ignored her warning. His hands intertwined with hers, trapping her in his embrace as he kissed her on the lips.

His kiss seemed to have some kind of magic. The moment his lips touched hers, it was as if she had been poisoned and immobilized.

Mu Yueyao struggled with her last bit of rationality. "Jing Yang, don't…"

"Don't you like it?" Jing Yang bore his weight down on her…

At the Mu residence.

Mu Yueyao had not come home all night.

The man, however, looked as calm as ever. The manager of the club called and reported Mu Yueyao's whereabouts. The manager said that Mu Yueyao had been with Jing Yang the entire time and had not left the club.

While Mu Yazhe was relieved to hear that, Yun Shishi was ill at ease. "These two fellows seem to have had some conflict recently? Are they really alright?"

The man said disapprovingly, "Let the youngsters settle their own matters. Why are you getting involved?!"

Yun Shishi pouted. "I'm also a youngster, alright?! Have I become an old woman in your eyes?"

He grunted in response. "Uh huh! An old woman!"

"What about you then? Wouldn't that make you a stinky old man?"

"How could an old woman despise a stinky old man?"

"You…" As they bickered, Yun Shishi forgot the fact that Mu Yueyao had not come home last night. "Hurry up and praise your wife for being beautiful!"

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