Paragon Of Sin Chapter 1637 1630: Sightseeing and Societal Difference

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Chapter 1637 Chapter 1630: Sightseeing and Societal Difference

The No-Name Galaxy was a bountiful treasure trove waiting to be explored and excavated for all its worth. While the division of regions was chaotic and shifting with the times, this mattered not to the overabundance of resources throughout each and every region, often hoarded by top-tier forces on a national, continental, planetary, and star system scale.

Normally, trying to acquire resources was difficult without connections, and while the connections of Yasmine and Aziza's respective homelands were set, the others needed some direct methods to establish. Wei Wuyin took the route of divide and conquer, listing various renowned treasures across the galaxy, and assigning Ascendants to seek out and retrieve these either through discovery, bartering with alchemical products and wealth that he provided them, or by an iron fist to those more stubborn.

In fact, despite their foreign status, they could operate without the slightest oversight from the higher-ups given their respective cultivation bases that were often seen as inconsequential, comprehensive combat ability aside. The only cultivator that had to take a slow approach and obtain the notice of the true elites of the galaxy was Grey Rose, a Mystic Overlord.

Cao Cuifen took Grey Rose out to network with the elite forces, bringing Luo Ning along for many of their ventures, and Yue Songli would tag along for fun as she witnessed the respect given to Grey Rose, and extended to Cao Cuifen a few times over after they learned of her extragalactic origins as a native of the White Abyssal Galaxy and a member of the Abyssal Race. The group eventually split and regrouped sporadically.

The No-Name Galaxy was predominantly human. This rang true for the Utmost Purity Galaxy and Treasured Vale Galaxy, yet for the Prosperous Ruin Galaxy, the race was as esoteric and extraordinarily mysterious in origins as the Abyssal Race. They were the Celestial Race.

In the Onestar Galaxy, the Titan Race, Celestial Race, and Human Race had become the 'superior' races amongst a total of seven, alongside the Beastmen, Demon, Sylvanites, and the Aquarian races, which was notably renowned for being 'inferior' races. Within the Ancient Sealed Regions, the Elven Race was the sole race given the 'inferior' designation, while demons were significantly among the minority within the population, and given the origins of the Demonic Sovereigns' influence within the region itself from the Wu Clan to various other influential characters like the Moonfall Lunar Queen, including the fact Demons were recorded as having reached the Mystic Ascendant Realm, they weren't given that title.

The Celestial Race was a powerful race with strong innate ocular abilities and a unique dantian. Their cultivation aligned with the Mortal Realms yet the way they developed was notably different, similar to Titans that cultivated using their skeletal frames as their dantian, granting them absurd strength, durability, and innate body transformations. They grew taller as their cultivation bases advanced. As for the Celestial Race, their star pupils and tails underwent significant changes relative to their cultivation.

The No-Name Galaxy might be predominately human, but they had a significant divergence in their cultivation paths. Wei Wuyin and the others discovered that, like Wei Wuyin who used the True Dragon Transmutation Method to cultivate his heart, there existed other hybrids of different racial adoptions.

Shockingly, Grey Rose was utterly shaken after discovering that the Abyssal Race's innate abilities of Mana Control and Mana Compatibility were translated into a hybrid cultivation system with mana synchronization of the body as the defining point.

If San Yongli or Yi Yun were here, they would be completely stunned with disbelief! The True World, Martial Way Method was cultivated on varying levels here, significantly less in terms of its profound results, but certainly cultivated here! They cultivated a World Resonance Bodies!

San Yongli would be shocked further as she would find that some focused their cultivation paths on developing their Spirit of Cultivation's states. Aziza, for example, cultivated a unique method that allowed her to cultivate a Profound Spirit Pulse that could nurture a spirit from the Mortal State to the Origin State. This was no different than her Microcosm Origin Method of creating a Profound Meridian to nurture her Spirit of Cultivation within!

Meanwhile, there existed esoteric groups such as Martial Cultivators who focused on body refinement and could crush planets and snuff out stars with their fists, Scholars who devoted themselves to studying and cultivating Enlightened Scholarly Mist, and Purists who focused solely on the purity of essence cultivation without any unnecessary tainting distractions like Tuo Bihan had!

Moreover, the cultivation path of Purists was further elevated by following a path closest to the 'natural world'. They often cultivated paths of Oracles and die-hard foundationalists that focused on cultivating unprecedented, convention-defying Astral Cores in terms of quality and size through incessant and indescribably obsessive refinement. The purity of their qi, astral force, and mystic power was terrifying to the point they could 'Return to Origin' and assimilate other forms of power at their highest.

Other extraordinary paths such as Spiritualists were embarked here regularly as well with Worldly Saints and higher often specializing in performing the risky ceremony for conversion at a hefty cost. Some did so as a means to make a living.

The diversity of cultivation here was incredible.

It had to be known that diverse paths such as that were the minority within the Ancient Sealed Regions as everyone, even those with bloodlines from ancient Titans that had long since perished such as Da Shan had adopted a singular path-the most balanced and complete path that followed the Mortal Dao and Mystic Dao's designated roadmap.

Wei Wuyin, and everyone else, had obtained a hint or the entirety of a blueprint of a cultivation path during their Astral Core Realm's Mortal Star Formation Tribulation based on their compatibility and method of advancement. This was how Wei Wuyin and his Astral Souls understood how to grasp Awakened Intent and World of the Heart, Heart of the Intent path! f𝚛eğžğ°ğšŽb𝚗oğšŸğšŽl.c𝗼m

Through this, cultivators would eventually be able to use this Intent to form a bridge to the heavens to sustain a stronger bond as they cultivate higher and higher paths, while other cultivation paths often had substitutions to such requirements to form a resonance with the heavens through different, less conventional methods. For example, Purists relied on their cultivated connection with the world to elevate themselves, reach the Origin State, attain Seeds of Law, and enter the Heavenly Saint Realm and beyond.

Regardless, while these cultivators may not always utilize Intent of the Material Dao, Ethereal Dao, or Mind Dao to assist them on their arduous paths of cultivation, they all without a doubt cultivated Mortal Intent and Mystic Intent on their path across the Foundation Establishment Realm, Qi Condensation Realm, Astral Core Realm, and Mystic Ascendant Realm.

However, this discovery was an eye-opener to the vast horizon of the world for those such as Tuo Bihan, Yue Songli, Qing Qiumu, Wei Si, Luo Ning, and Cao Cuifen. Only then had Cao Cuifen and Luo Ning realized the sheer diversity of choices for their respective paths. Cao Cuifen wished to become an elite cultivator, abandoning her primary occupation as an Alchemist, while Luo Ning received a shock at the numerous products available to assist each path.

The realization was utterly mind-awakening, especially for the alchemists of this galaxy who were far more focused on specialization to become champions of the Alchemic Dao in the eyes of others, while Wei Wuyin was a generalist of the highest most perverse level. Moreover, his type of training was pushing the Alchemic Dao of the Hepta-Dawn Alchemic Corps down the generalist path as the default.

When Luo Ning interacted with the alchemists of the various regions, she was often given derisive glances after telling them that she focused on all four types of products-Pills, Elixirs, Pellets, and Paste.

Moreover, the scorn was hard to contain within them. This was especially so when they called her titling to be incorrect as they called the four types: Pills, Potions, Pellets, and Paste. Luo Ning ignored them. Elixirs just felt justified in her heart. That said, she still used potions to respect their traditions and beliefs.

The majority of alchemists didn't just have a type specialization, they had a sub-type specialization that further divided alchemists. World Saint White Sky was an example of this as she specialized in physical and physique-augmentation products, but mostly pellets like the Blood Calamity Pellet. There was even further nuance that Luo Ning had to navigate when it came to this as well, as pellets and pastes were seen as the 'easiest two' of the four types of products, and alchemists had an aura of superiority and disdain toward those who used those types of products to make progress in the Alchemic Dao.

Meanwhile, those who used pastes were looked down upon directly, even pill-advancing Earthly Saint Alchemists would look down on paste-advancing Worldly Saint Alchemists. Moreover, there were notable differences in their acquired Alchemic Stars and the powers they could exert as well!

Luo Ning grew determined to learn more about alchemists. These societal aspects were definitely influenced by the proximity to the Utmost Purity Galaxy as the White Abyssal Galaxy was the countryside that was left alone. Still, Luo Ning merely had to showcase a little of her skill as an Earthly Saint adept as pill and elixir concoction and she was capable of gaining access to greater status and influential figures. She was an alchemist trained by Wei Wuyin after all!

Wei Wuyin tagged along in person with Yue Songli, experiencing the benefits as a bystander enjoying his subordinate's fame while spending time with her. They went sightseeing and ate all sorts of delicious foods, especially a dish called Shawarma that Yue Songli labeled one of her favorite foods immediately while Qing Qiumu was oddly addicted to something called hummus and kept a few jars.

Meanwhile, a grey-scaled figure entered a vault...or a hundred; A False God Avatar went on a sinister spree as a humanoid hybrid dragon swimming across the void. There was no place it could not go and no place that could not contain it.

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