The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler Chapter 2543 - 2543 Side Story 47: I Really Miss You

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Chapter 2543 - 2543 Side Story 47: I Really Miss You

2543 Side Story 47: I Really Miss You

In the sky, the red-golden totem shone brightly.

The sunlight shone down brightly, but it was not as eye-catching as the tall figure.

It was a young woman who looked fifteen or sixteen years old. As he was a distance away, he could not see her five features clearly, but he could still feel her liveliness.

She was decked in a red-golden dress. She had a thin waist, long legs, and a curvy figure.

Her dress reflected a faint light. As the sun shone, it dazzled especially.

The dress was asymmetrical, and it reached her legs, revealing her white ankle and feet.

The wind blew over, and the dress swayed with the wind like tumultuous fires.

Zi Chen stared at that figure closely, and his mind was blank for a moment. It was clearly a very foreign appearance, but… there was an unignorable familiarity.

Yi Fu stood behind him. When she saw this scene, she covered her mouth in shock and surprise. “That’s… Tuan Zi?!”

Hearing this, Zi Chen seemed to recover his senses.

He stared at the young woman who walked out with light steps in a playful and lively manner.

Faintly, he could even hear the crisp sound of the bells moving. It landed in his ears and shook his heart.

His gaze deepened slightly. The next moment, he smiled.

Yi Zhao and the rest—who were standing guard outside Godly Phoenix Hall—were all stunned when they saw this scene and could not recover their senses.

This young lady—

As they thought, they saw the lady look over and blink her blackberry-like eyes. They dazzled brightly.

Then, she smiled and two dimples appeared beside her lips as she chirped, “Clan Leader Grandpa!”

The few of them were totally stunned.

This voice had a uniquely teenage female’s crispiness, but the happy tone was something they were very familiar with.

A look of disbelief surfaced on Yi Zhao’s usually stern face. There was faint agitation and elation in his eyes. “…Tuan Zi?!”

Tuan Zi walked over and smiled brighter.

Her hands were behind her back as she tilted her head and blinked playfully. “Clan Leader Grandpa, how long has it been? Can’t you recognize me?”

This was the true Tuan Zi without a doubt.

Yi Zhao and the rest finally recovered their senses and immediately surrounded Tuan Zi. They looked at her with curious gazes. “Tuan Zi, is that you? Why did you… grow up?”

It has only been a month!

Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi wrinkled her nose. “Clan Leader Grandpa, you lied to me! Previously, you told me to stay inside for a while, but you didn’t tell me that the flow of time was different from the outside world!”

Only a red-gold heavenly phoenix who had opened their ninth meridian could repair Godly Phoenix Hall.

After she went in, she studied it for some time. The problem was not hard to solve, but she had to enter a special space, which was left behind by the red-gold heavenly phoenix ancestor.

Without hesitation, Tuan Zi directly went in and focused on repairing Godly Phoenix Hall.

In the end, when she came out, she realized that she had spent a hundred years inside. Thus, she had naturally grown up.

As she had focused all her energy on repairing Godly Phoenix Hall during the entire process, she did not find time especially torturous. Now, when she opened the door, stood in front of the crowd, and welcomed their scrutinizing, she then suddenly realized that such a long time had passed.

Yi Zhao and the rest were naturally happy, but they felt some slight disappointment.

Tuan Zi had grown up, and they could no longer see the small ball whining.

However, this was a good thing after all. Seeing that Tuan Zi had become such a pretty lady, they were beyond emotional.

People quickly came from the surroundings.

Tuan Zi’s commotion was too huge. From the moment she came out, she had attracted the entire clan’s attention.

Originally, she was the most noticed existence in the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Now that she finally grew up and became a young lady, everyone was naturally curious and fought to come over.

Quite a few people quickly gathered in the square before Godly Phoenix Hall.

Everyone surrounded Tuan Zi as they chatted with her and sized her up curiously and excitedly. However, nobody dared to get too near her.

On the one hand, Clan Leader Yi Zhao and the rest were here. They were stern, and everyone did not dare to be reckless.

On the other hand… It was no longer the tiny and adorable girl that everyone wanted to hug standing in front of them. Instead, it was an extremely beautiful young lady.

Yi Ming and the rest also rushed over. When they saw the suddenly changed and breathtaking lady, they became urgent.

The group of them exclaimed, “Tuan Zi, are you really Tuan Zi?”

“Wow, it has only been a month. You’ve grown so much?”

“It won’t be easy for us to hide you even if we want to! Hahaha!”

Tuan Zi was on decent terms with the younger generation and frequently ran behind them, so she was naturally close to them.

She tilted her head and smiled. “Yeah!”

This smile caused the few young men to blush, and they did not know what to say.

She was… too beautiful, too eye-catching. She was like a small sun, that was passionate and purse, causing one to be unable to forget her.

Yi Ming stood at the front and was a step away from Tuan Zi. Seeing her smile, his entire heart raced crazily.

After a while, he said, “Tuan Zi, you’re… very good-looking.”

They were just a few simple words. Once they were said, the suave young man’s earlobes turned red.

Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Yi Ming’s ears became redder, and even his handsome face blushed. However, he still nodded calmly. “Yes.”

When the surrounding girls saw this scene, they instantly exclaimed ‘oh.’

“Yi Ming, there are quite a few pretty ladies in our clan. Why haven’t I heard you praise any of them?”

“That’s right, that’s right! In the past, we even thought that you were blind. Why did you suddenly find Tuan Zi good-looking?”

“Tuan Zi is really good-looking!”

“What do you know? Yi Ming thinks that only Tuan Zi is good-looking!”

They were all in their youth, so temptation and liking could easily fill their hearts.

Yi Ming mustered up his courage. “Tuan Zi—”

However, Tuan Zi did not hear his voice as her gaze looked past them and to the back.

She saw something, and her face broke into a delighted smile. “Wait a minute. I’ll go over first!”

Once she said that, she had already run over.

Yi Ming was dazed as he strangely looked toward the crowd.

A tall and fit black figure appeared behind them.

His appearance was cold and handsome, nonchalant and prideful. Just by standing there, one could not ignore his entire aura and suppression.

Tuan Zi ran toward him.

Seeing the young lady jumping toward him, Zi Chen’s lips curled up at an angle for once. He raised his hand and planned to touch the girl’s head.

The next moment, the young lady directly pounced into his arms.

His body stiffened. He didn’t know where to put his raised hand.

Tuan Zi hugged his neck like countless times before. She rubbed against him obediently and delicately. “Zi Chen! I missed you so much!”

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