The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler Chapter 2588 - 2588 Side Story 92: Wish Fulfilled

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Chapter 2588 - 2588 Side Story 92: Wish Fulfilled

2588 Side Story 92: Wish Fulfilled

When heaven and earth were first formed, the world opened with a bang.

Millions of stars gathered and formed constellations.

The sky was clear, and the ground was dim.

Everything had no end or boundary.

Day after day, the stars gathered.

The golden light shone down.

A figure slowly formed in the stiffened space.

The snow turned into his clothes, the deep sea formed his eyes, and the starlight formed the light in his eyes.

He ascended the Heavenly Dao and was born with the flow.

He could hear all the winds in the world and see all the crowds in the human realm.

He walked past the mountain peaks, around the lakes, and through the desert, seeing countless sceneries.

Everything was like a map that was very clear in his mind.

Everything in this world was in his eyes, but only in his eyes.

The more he walked, the lonelier he got.

Until one day, he came to the chaotic heaven and earth. It seemed as if the wind blew his clothes up.

He finally realized that he stepped into the daze, and the sun rose up.

When he saw the scene clearly, his unaffected eyes finally had some light ripples.

That was a peach blossom waiting to bloom.

The pinkish-white petals closed quietly.

This had gathered all the spiritual power in the earth, and the peach blossom was born in the chaos.

He looked at it and planned to leave.

Everything in the world was limited.

He ascended the Heavenly Dao and was natural.

But the moment he took a step out, he smelled a light fragrance.

His heart skipped a beat. After a moment, he turned around and reached out. “Come.”

His low voice was like a holy song.

The peach blossom flew over, spun around, and lightly landed in his palm.

His thin lips had an extremely faint smile.

At that time, he also did not know that this meeting was his fate.

His lonely life suddenly became interesting.

It was his first time raising a peach blossom, so he naturally cared about it and took care of it properly.

It absorbed the spiritual energy and was born. Ever since it followed him and left its birthplace, its growth inevitably slowed down.

He then split out a part of his force to nourish it every day.

He brought it along, to the roads he had walked before and to the places he had gone before.

It landed on his shoulders or stayed in his palm.

Years passed, and his body was stained with that cold fragrance.

That peach blossom grew too slowly. Ten thousand years had passed, but it had not bloomed.

He wasn’t in a rush and took care of it every day meticulously.

In this manner, it finally bloomed after 30,000 years.

The soft and thin petals bloomed, and the small flower bud swayed with the wind.

After 50,000 years, its intelligence slowly grew. It started to land on his brows and tickle his nose when he was asleep to disturb him.

Occasionally, when he was writing on the Record of the Million Gods, it purposely flew to the tip of its brush to stop him from moving.

He wasn’t annoyed and had unlimited patience.

After 80,000 years, it fell into a deep sleep.

He gathered the world’s forces and formed the Fantasy Divine Sea before building a Fantasy Divine Palace.

In the Fantasy Divine Hall, he planted large patches of peach blossom trees.

One morning in the 90,000th year, he felt a soft contact in his deep sleep.

He opened his eyes.

That peach blossom had already bloomed to its maximum and landed on his lips.

He sat up, and his snow-white clothes were loose, revealing his nude and firm chest.

That peach blossom began to move back. The next moment, a silver-red light wrapped it.

A thin and curvy figure was wrapped by light as she appeared before him.

Her eyes were closed, her hair was like a waterfall, and her skin was snow white.

Below the light, one could faintly see her snow-white shoulders and her soft and thin waist.

He bent his long leg and allowed his wrist to casually be put on his knees. His mannerism was distinguished and relaxed.

He looked for a long time, and his phoenix-eyes deepend.

After a while, he used his finger to lightly touch his lips, which curled up into a smile. “You did it on purpose?”

As if she heard it, her long and thick lashes moved slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes.

The starry and dazzling eyes, which were pure and clean, entered his view.

Of course, he knew of the evil spirit that was born with her, but that was fine.

He used himself as a vessel to help her out of it.

He lied to the world.

Before this, he never thought that he would hide from the Heavenly Dao and the entire world one day.

Just because of his selfish intent.

He used 90,000 years to wait for her to be human.

He used another 10,000 years to wait for her to come back.

A hundred thousand slow years in the vast sea of time.

Greed, jealousy, hatred, love, desire were all sins. For one person, he committed all of them and could not be forgiven.

He abandoned all his past, just for an unknown, for a possibility.

He gambled with his life for a reunion.

From Peach Blossom Dock to Ling Xiao Academy, that was the time he finally obtained after a grueling 10,000 years.

She forgot everything from before, but her eyes still dazzled.

When she looked over, her eyes curved up.

It was a pity that everything stopped when the evil spirit below Million Wine Mountain woke up.

He personally cut half his holy meridian and exchanged it for her rebirth to start all over again.

Their bones merged, and they depended on each other.

In the middle of the night, the broken holy meridian always hurt, causing him to be unable to sleep.

The moonlight shone in coldly and in a lonely manner.

He sat on the bed alone and thought of the old times.

He finally waited till the day that he was waiting in the forest outside Country Yao Chen.

They seemed like long years.

He was already used to waiting.

This time, she willingly came over.

Her eyes were filled with alertness and guardedness. Her face was stained with blood, and s he looked very disheveled.

He watched behind the waters.

Back during the chaos, she was still soft and clean. In the next thousands of years, he always spoiled her, and she became very delicate.

But these few years, she had suffered so much more than she did when she was beside him.

He walked over and ignored her guardedness and threat as he used his fingers to wipe away the blood on her face.

The warmth below his fingers stuck to his body, and even the excruciating pain in the bones was reduced.

He smiled and thought, She’s finally back.

After entering the Fantasy Divine Hall, he had two choices.

If the Heavenly Dao only allowed one person to survive, it had to be her.

If it did not allow it, he would go against the heavens.

Other than this, there were no discussions or compromises.

All the holy force was removed, and every inch of his bones and flesh were crushed. It should’ve hurt excruciatingly, but he looked at her, heard the words she said, and felt that nothing was more heartwarming than that.

She chokingly requested for him to lie to her for the rest of her life.

He knew that there were no loving words that were more touching than this, and he could not reject her. Even if his body was destroyed, he still wanted to hold his peach blossom.

He had once spent lonely and long years being high and mighty, but he finally wanted to enter the human realm and experience the emotions.

He wanted to give all his flesh, his heart, and his thoughts to that one person, even if he had to bury himself in the mountains and disperse with the water current.

He was willing to do so.

“Hubby?” When Chu Liuyue came to the palace, she saw Rong Xiu standing with his hands behind his back.

Rong Xiaoyan was sitting in the palace, trying hard to solve a golden Xuan formation his father had given him.

A figure quickly flew in from outside, and golden lightning bolts followed.

Rong Xiaoxun’s head ached. “Stop chasing me! Can I rest today, please?!”

The few troublemaking golden lightning bolts went for his waist.

Rong Xiaoxi came back from the medicinal mountain on Xue Xue, holding a bunch of herbs in her arms.

A green sparrow suddenly flew over.

Rong Xiaoxi hurriedly jumped down and explained, “I just wanted to get Xue Xue’s help. Don’t misunderstand—”

The green sparrow clutched Xue Xue’s head and harshly pulled it!


Xue Xue bared its teeth in pain.

Seeing this, Rong Xiaoxi sensibly took a step back.

The green sparrow sat on Xue Xue and beat it up. There was lion fur everywhere.

But after that, Xue Xue wasn’t angry as it lowered its head to coax the green sparrow.

The green sparrow tilted its head with pride and flew back to Rong Xiaoxi’s shoulder.

Rong Xiaoxi coughed. “Okay, okay, Xiaoxi likes you the most!”

The green sparrow touched her face with its head.

“I heard you gave Yan Qing a long vacation?” asked Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Rong Xiu nodded. “Eighth Deity is pregnant. He deserves it.”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “When Xiao Ba gives birth, Zi Chen should come back with Tuan Zi.”

Tuan Zi wanted to play very much and kept running around all these years. Zi Chen then followed behind her.

A gust of wind blew over.

The pinkish-white petals fell.

She reached out and interlocked with his ten fingers. She lightly said, “Rong Xiu, I like you the most too.”

Rong Xiu pulled her into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her lips. “Me too.”

He thought he finally had a perfect ending. Everything he wanted in his life was fulfilled.

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