The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce Chapter 2335: finale

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Chapter 2335: finale

Translator: 549690339

After Qi Xibei returned, all the fans were very happy.

Although there had been no news of her in the past two years, it was enough that she had returned!

Everyone was busy licking their faces and calling each other. It was extremely fulfilling.

However, he did not expect that there would be no news of Qi Xibei two years later!

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that he had disappeared again?!

Fortunately, half a month later, there was finally news of Qi Xibei.

And this time, she was getting married!

Everyone was stunned.

She was only twenty-seven years old, and she was actually getting married?!

One had to know that in the entertainment industry, especially for female celebrities, if they got married, it would have a huge impact on their careers.

No matter how good a couple they were, once a female celebrity got married, her career would be affected.

Many female celebrities were very popular before, but after getting married and having children, they immediately lost a lot of resources. There were even more young and beautiful girls coming after them. They could not hold on at all.

Qi Xibei was at the peak of his career, yet he was getting married?! Was his brain damaged?

Many fans were heartbroken and wished they could flip the table.

However, this worry quickly disappeared.

Qi Xibei was not an ordinary person!

Her talent would not be damaged by marriage and having children.

No one knew how many treasures she had in her mind.

It would be impossible for others to use up their talents on her.

Most importantly, she had more than one option.

On the day of the wedding, everyone was waiting in front of the live broadcast room, waiting to watch the wedding of the century.

The only designated partner for the wedding was Luo Shen Live Streaming.

After years of development, Luoshen Streaming had become an APP installed on every mobile phone. Many celebrities had live-streaming rooms in Luo

Shen Livestream, and the market value of Luo Shen Livestream had soared.

Now, Luo Shen Streaming had established its position as the industry leader. In the next ten years, unless the leaders of Luo Shen made a wrong decision, no company could catch up to them.

Some people even said that Qi Xibei was one of the bosses of Luo Shen Streaming!

This statement surprised everyone for a while, but they felt that it was normal.

Who didn’t know that Qi Xibei had many companies under his control? Didn’t she also invest in the most popular online ride-hailing platform? Not to mention other companies.

No one knew how much money Qi Xibei had, and no one dared to ask.

Everyone only knew that she already had money that many people could not earn or spend in their lifetimes!

The wedding venue this time also completely explained the beautiful life of the rich.

[F * ck! This was the Dream Garden Hotel in the Imperial Capital! Platinum five-star hotel! Mom provoked me, I’m jealous. It’s good to be rich!]

[F * ck! I think I saw the principal of our school!]

[F * ck, f * ck! Half of the entertainment industry was here, right?! All those who had worked with Qi Xibei were here! They were going to turn this place into an award ceremony!]

[++! He felt that these faces were so familiar! I just went to check, and all of them have amazing resumes! We commoners don’t deserve to stand in the same space as them. I’m afraid they think I’m stupid!]

[So many handsome men and beautiful women! Eh? These two are Sister Bei’s parents? They were all so young! It was indeed good to be rich!

I also want to be so young!]

[These two are Master Jue’s parents, right? He looks especially rich!]

[Car! They were all f * cking luxury cars! Ahhh

[If I could be there, I would die without regrets!]

In the live broadcast room, the audience was very excited.

They couldn’t be blamed for this. After all, this wedding was especially grand.

Not only were many celebrities from the entertainment industry invited, but there were also many relatives and friends from the two families. Many of these friends and family had appeared on television before.

Every single one of them shocked the audience.


And Master Jue! It’s so good to watch!

[Sister Bei is out! It’s super good!]

[I saw Sister Bei in a wedding dress. Super immortal, ahhhh, my little heart, ahhhh, marry me!]

In the camera, Qi Xibei, who was wearing a white wedding dress, and Qiao Yanyu, who was wearing a white suit, stood together. Under the blessings of all their relatives and friends, they made a promise to stay together for the rest of their lives and finally kissed each other.

“Shall we have a wedding too?” Yu Ziqi tugged at Song Jiaren, who was clapping at the side, and whispered.

Song Jiaren was stunned for a moment before shaking her head. I’m so tired!”

She was accompanying Qi Xibei in his preparations. Even though many things were handled by others and Qi Xibei was physically strong, he was still exhausted after such a round.

If she did it once, she would be exhausted!

“I’d rather travel and get married.”

If it weren’t for Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu’s special status, they wouldn’t have done such a thing.

However, she and Yu Ziqi were just ordinary people, so there was no need to make such a big deal out of it.

Yu Ziqi shrugged, and a smile appeared on his face, which was much thinner and more mature than when he was a teenager.” Alright.”

On the other side, MO Bonan’s eyes were deep as he held Tang Luo’s hand.”

Let’s also hold a wedding that’s grander than theirs?”

“I don’t want to.” Tang Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.” I’m afraid I’ll die of exhaustion.’

She and Song Jiaren had been by Qi Xibei’s side and had gone through many processes with her. They did not want to be the main character and have to start all over again.

Seeing that MO Bonan was a little aggrieved, she quickly patted his face and coaxed,””Let’s just have a simple wedding. Isn’t it better to spend the rest of the time traveling? I just want to be with you.”

This suggestion made MO Bonan’s expression improve a lot.

They were all very busy now. Instead of spending time on the wedding, they might as well have more fun.

Listening to the conversation between the two couples, Liu Manhong nodded in agreement. This was so convenient!

As for what the other elders were thinking, they could discuss it later.

The audience in the live broadcast room did not know what had happened. Everyone only knew that the couple in the center of the stage was really enviable.

The two of them were so good-looking. The child they gave birth to would definitely be super good-looking!

It was unknown who brought up this topic, but the atmosphere in the live broadcast room instantly changed. Everyone began to look forward to their baby.

However, no one expected Qi Xibei to announce his retirement from the entertainment industry less than half a year after the wedding.

This news once again caused a thousand ripples.

However, Qi Xibei had said that although she had retired from the industry, she could still write a song or a script. Although she was not in the martial arts world, there would always be legends about her.

Although everyone was extremely reluctant, they could not stop her.

However, although she had retired from the entertainment industry, it did not mean that she had disappeared like last time.

On the contrary, her name was frequently mentioned.

On XX day, XX year, Qi Xibei discovered a certain bacteria.

On XX day, XX year, Qi Xibei developed a new type of medicine.

On XX day, XX year, Qi Xibei…

The fans could not help but laugh and cry. This spamming skill was too strong!

Slowly, everyone accepted her change, and many of them even regarded her as their goal.

And in the entertainment industry, her legend was forever left behind. This legend was unbreakable.

Twenty years later, a beautiful fairy appeared out of nowhere and broke the legend she left behind.

And this beautiful little girl who was like a fairy from heaven…His surname is Qi..

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